Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about joining the Orbb network

Why does my account need to be approved so that I can exchange ads?

We want to make sure that you only exchange high quality ads with high quality websites. Therefore we review every new website that wants to join our network. The criteria that we are looking for in a new member can be found below. Once you signed up, your website is automatically sent to our team for review. This process takes less than one day (and is often significantly faster than that). During the approval process you have full access to the member area. If you are confident that your account will be approved you can start creating your ads and insert the code snippet into your website. Once your application has been accepted we will automatically start exchanging ads for you.

Which criteria does my website need to fufill so that it can become part of the Orbb network?

We are considering the following factors when reviewing a potential new member:
  • Does the website add a real value to the online community? Is the content original?
  • Is the website actively maintained?
  • Does the website show an excessive amount of advertising which could reduce the effectiveness of Orbb ads?
  • Does the website comply with our Terms of Service?
  • Is the website relevant for our existing members, i.e., would they like to exchange ads with this website?
  • Is there a vacancy in the Orbb network?

Where does the ad on my website need to be placed?
(Ad placement guidelines)

We want everybody to get the most out of Orbb. Therefore the ads on each member website must be placed according to the following guidelines:
  • On desktop: The ad must be placed above the fold.
  • On mobile: The ad must be visible within 3x of the mobile viewport height, starting from the top of the mobile browser. In general the site visitors should be able to view the ad with only one-tap scroll.
Our ads should not negatively influence the user experience or disrupt the user's natural reading flow. We therefore suggest to place the ads above, beside or below the primary content.
Please note that it is also in your best interest to place the ads on your website in a prominent place, since the other members might stop exchanging ads with you if your website exhibits unhealthy CTR ratios.

Can I place more than one Orbb ad on the same page?

No, you can place only one Orbb ad on one page.

Can I apply custom styling to the ads on my page?

Yes, you can format the appearance of the ads to optimally integrate them into your page. The ad layouts that you can choose from in the member area just handle the positioning of the different elements (e.g. vertical or horizontal design). Of course no styling may be applied that essentially hides the ad (e.g. white text on white background).

In certain cases I don't want to show an ad (e.g. on mobile devices). How can I do that?

You can apply CSS media queries to the ad code to control when an ad on your page is served. In the following example the ad is hidden (not requested) on small devices.
<style> .hide-on-mobile { display: none; } @media(min-width: 576px) { .hide-on-mobile { display: block; } } </style> <div class="orbb-oads hide-on-mobile" data-pid="XXXXXXXXX" data-layout="vertical" data-lang="en-us"></div>
If you are using Bootstrap 4 you could achieve the same by using the display utility classes .d-none and .d-sm-block.
<div class="orbb-oads d-none d-sm-block" data-pid="XXXXXXXXX" data-layout="vertical" data-lang="en-us"></div>
Ads on your page may not be hidden using JavaScript.

Can I show other ads my website besides Orbb ads?

You can show other ads besides Orbb ads on your pages. It is however important that the number of ads and their quality is not such that the user experience is negatively influenced. Furthermore Orbb ads must be placed well separated from other ads.

When do you count an ad impression?

We count an ad impression as soon as the ad is in the viewport of the user's device.

Why don’t my page views and ad impressions match?

There can be several reasons why the number of page views and the number of ad impressions don't match:
  • The ad tag that you need to install on your website is written in JavaScript. If the user has JavaScript disabled, there are JavaSript errors on your page or there are other utilities that prevent our script from executing, the number of ad impressions will not be incremented.
  • Ad blockers
  • Bots (which do not lead to an increment of the ad impressions)
  • The ad is not in the viewport of the user's device (e.g., the user is on mobile and does not scroll down far enough to see the ad).
  • We could not load an ad on your page, because your ad excange limit has been reached (see settings in the user area) or we could not find a suitable ad exchange partner.