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What is Orbb?

You have a great product, a beautiful website but you don't have $10.000 to run a large-scale marketing campaign? We get it.
With Orbb you can exchange simple, beautiful ads with other members of our community. It's completely automatic, effective and fair. Every time an ad displays on your website we will show your ad on a suitable member website in return.
Simple setup
Insert just a few lines of code into your website. That's it.
Detailed statistics
Easily keep track when and where your ads are showing.
500 exchanges/day are free!
Need more? Orbb is 5-10 times cheaper than traditional advertising.
In order to ensure that you only exchange ads with high quality websites we manually review every new member who wants to join Orbb.
Become a member today and get your project to the next level. It's free!
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How it works.

The first step to get started is to create an account (it's free). Once your application is approved you can start exchanging ads right away.

Beautiful ads

Orbb ads are simple. The ads you exchange with other Orbb members consist of a small picture and a short ad text. That's it. They are placed on a prominent place on each website for the maximal benefit of every member of the community.
HTML snippet

Simple setup - only 2 steps

  • Create an ad that advertises your website. It will show on websites of our community.
  • Insert a short HTML snippet into your website where ads of our community are shown in return. It is easy to customize with our configurator.

Fair and transparent

Each ad that shows on your website entitles you to an impression of your ad on one of the Orbb member websites. You have access to detailed statistics about when and where your ads are showing. Furthermore you can easily keep track of ad impressions on your own website.
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You are in control

It is up to you how many ads you exchange each day and with who. You can setup specific exchange rules that allow you to decide who can show ads on your website and on which sites you want your ads to appear in return.

High quality websites and ads

You will only exchange ads with high quality websites just like yours. To ensure this every new Orbb member and every new ad is manually reviewed and only approved if it meets our quality standards.

Increase your ROI

Create multiple ads and track their individual performance with our detailed statistics. Only keep the ones that work best.

Effective targeting

Create custom exchange rules and show your ads only within categories or websites that are most relevant to your product. This increases your Click Through Ratio and thus the effectiveness of your ads.

No user tracking

We do not make use of tracking cookies and collect only those information from your users that are absolutely necessary to provide our services.


Monitor your ad impressions and keep track of their performance.
Full Control
You decide how many ads you want to exchange each day and with who.
Cutting-edge technology to count only the relevant ad impressions.
International website? Create and show ads in multiple languages.

Still not convinced?

Shoot us an email or contact us via Facebook or Twitter. We are happy to help.
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